Pecuniary damage liability: protection against day-to-day risk

Third-party financial loss can result from, for example, passing on incorrect project documentation or violating image rights. As a result professionals can be confronted by the customer or business partner pursuing claims for compensation. In such cases, HDI Error & Omissions liability insurance ensures that justified liability claims are settled.

Scope of services at a glance

Errors & Omissions Liability insurance

Liability risks based on legal provisions, resulting from the performance of professional activities, are covered.

  • This insurance protection covers the professional activities of the policyholder, as well as employees and freelance contractors.
  • The insurance solution is designed from a previously conducted risk analysis, so that individual requirements are covered in the best possible manner.
  • Liability risks related to doing business in other countries can be covered through this insurance solution.


Access to needs-based insurance solutions

Professionals have access to needs-based insurance solutions, which can relate to their entire professional activity or individual orders/mandates.

Improved image in day-to-day business

The protection afforded gives peace of mind and engenders trust with clients and business partners.

Important contribution to safeguarding the future

Given increasing claims for compensation, this insurance cover makes an important contribution to safeguarding the policyholder’s professional future.

Competent support in case of a loss event

With our expert claims lawyers, clients can rely on optimum support, discrete processing and quick claims settlement.