Environmental liability and environmental damage

Gas emissions or fluid leakage on an unintended scale, for example, can impact on the environment, particularly during the course of manufacturing processes and cause damage to property or human health. HDI environmental liability insurance provides global cover against any resultant claims for damages and enables companies to insure against any direct damage to flora, fauna and natural habitats within the European Union. Cover includes environmental damage that has occurred on third party premises or on the business premises of the policyholder.

Scope of services at a glance

Environmental liability insurance and environmental damage insurance

HDI’s environmental liability insurance and environmental damage insurance are designed as modular solutions, providing specific insurance cover in all environmentally relevant areas.

  • Cover includes claims for damages by third parties. HDI examines all claims submitted and settles justified claims.
  • The product also covers official claims for damages and clean-up injunctions. The same applies if a third party has made a claim on the policyholder as the ‘joint or main party responsible’, provided the company has previously been sued by the authorities.
  • Liability cover is suitable both for operators of environmentally relevant plants and for companies that may cause environmentally related damage during the course of their business activities.


Systematic analysis and assessment of environmental risks

Employment of a risk management system to analyse and assess operational environmental risks and environmental damage, based on statutory environmental liability.

More risk transparency for damage prevention

HDI assists policyholders by highlighting operational risks.

Development of risk index for environmental impact

HDI has developed indices for emissions from industrial premises and the risk of impact on the environment in collaboration with leading scientists. Linking these indices enables the specific risk potential of industrial premises to be ascertained.

Liability risk management

The mix of various instruments

Risk tools

Sector-specific tools and expert systems enable us to perform systematic risk analysis. Continuous market observation, a wide range of claims experience and sector expertise built up over the course of decades lay the foundations for the risk assessment standards to which we work.

Network of experts

In complex risk situations we use our in-house and external experts. Hands-on specialists from most scientific and research disciplines work with the client to examine their specific risks.