Cyber insurance – IT security with HDI Cyber+

The forms of attack are diverse: computers are infiltrated, whilst users are surfing the internet, with the objective of gaining control over them. Webservers are hacked into in order to spy on databases. Manufacturing plant control software programs are attacked in order to sabotage production. These examples show two points: It is no longer sufficient to protect computer systems against viruses and Trojans with security software alone – and to make IT security work requires a comprehensive protection strategy. HDI offers companies two insurance solutions from one source.


Cyber+ for industrial companies

Companies can insure themselves comprehensively against cyber risks with HDI Cyber+. HDI Cyber+ includes insurance against first party damage, for example business interruptions in production or fidelity losses. Third party losses are also covered, i.e. loss for which a customer or business partner holds the company responsible and submits a claim. Since directors and officers of a company are also personally responsible for IT security, D&O liability and criminal legal expenses can be integrated into cyber insurance. A further module is the breach of company secrets (industrial espionage).

Highlights of Cyber+

Integrated insurance solution

Companies are given access to a cross-segment insurance solution. It combines insurance against first and third party damage as well as business interruptions and fidelity losses resulting from cyber incidents and provides crises and risk management assistance.

Liability cover for directors and officers

This insurance cover can be extended by adding liability cover for directors and officers, who may be confronted with increased civil legal responsibility for the implications of cyber attacks.

Focus on business interruption risks of manufacturers

This insurance cover solution was designed in particular with industrial manufacturing businesses in mind. Companies can comprehensively insure against business interruption risks of manufacturers resulting from cyber attacks.

Support in the event of a crisis

If there is a cyber incident, the policyholder will be supported in crisis measures such as communication with customers and media as well as forensic examinations.

Cyber+ Smart for medium-sized companies

Cyber+ Smart is aimed at medium-sized manufacturing companies with an annual turnover of between €5m and €50m. According to their needs, companies can take out cover of €250,000, €500,000, €750,000 or €1m, each with two deductible variations. Higher covers with respective deductibles can be offered upon request. Both first party damage, such as the consequences of business interruptions, and third party damage, for which claims are made against the policyholders by their customers or business partners, are covered. This solution for medium-sized companies covers various forms of information security breach: from the appropriation of person-related data and the breach of company secrets to attacks on the company network.

Highlights of Cyber+ Smart

A needs-based insurance solution

Medium-sized companies receive comprehensive cover that includes first and third party damages.

Easy handling

Fixed options for sum insured und deductible guarantee high transparency and practicability.

Early support in the event of cyber attacks

Precautionary services and consultancy services will be reimbursed if there is good cause to suspect a cyber attack. Additionally: Service concept offering a 24/7 hotline.

Media liability and insurance against contractual penalties

Compensation claims arising from the breach of privacy rights in media such as the internet are insured. The same applies to contractual penalties in accordance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard.

Over 50 percent of all companies are affected

Source: representative survey of companies employing 10 people or more commissioned by the Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e. V. (Bitkom)

Experts' tip

What costs arise in the event of a cyber attack?

The trade association Bitkom has published a manual (available in German only) on the "Costs of a cyber claim". Companies can use the publication in order to better estimate what financial consequences IT security events have.


To download the manual free of charge go to: