Liability insurance is essential for industrial companies. Potential loss scenarios are manifold: A customer may injure himself on company grounds, a product defect could cause injury in the processing phase via third parties, or the machine-building company might provide a third-party with software impairing its machinery and leading to business interruption. HDI's commercial general liability and product liability policies protect manufacturers in particular from claims arising out of product defect scenarios, while HDI smartProtect provides companies with comprehensive liability coverage. Additionally, HDI smartProtect-M offers machine-building companies extensive coverage for IT financial loss.

What we offer

HDI's commercial general liability and product liability policies provide the agreed coverage for personal injury and property loss. HDI assesses all claims, ensuring that legitimate claims are regulated while unjustified claims are defended.

  • HDI ascertains the company's insurance needs based on its own unique risk situation.
  • HDI furnishes the company with information facilitating its risk management. In the mutual risk analysis process, experienced liability experts provide support and help identify highly exposed risks. HDI's own specially developed risk tools and expert systems.

With smartProtect, industrial companies may tailor liability coverage in accordance with their own commercial needs in a single, concise insurance policy. This all-in-one solution combines the benefits of commercial general liability, product liability, environmental liability, environmental impairment and product recall insurance in one continuous contract. Depending on customer need and the specific risk situation, further coverage, such as automotive supplier insurance or the newly developed policy with extended, modernised scope/amount „automotive supplier+“, a master cover and construction design liability insurance can be integrated. Companies conducting business worldwide might opt to incorporate their coverage into one of HDI's international insurance programmes. And finally, companies may elect to further refine their insurance with one or more of the following coverage extensions:

  • Coverage for new US / Canadian exports assumed after policy inception
  • Extensive coverage for loss respective of rented, leased, loaned or by a special safekeeping contract acquired objects
  • Extended coverage for loss arising out of commercial activity (inclusive of salary processing)
  • Ancillary costs incurred in remedying defects and consequential loss from repair
  • Specific types of contractual liability (e.g. indemnification of customers / contractors)
  • Discrimination and unequal treatment (based on EU equal treatment directives)
  • Costs incurred in the mitigation of loss of reputation

SmartProtect offers machine-building companies an innovative insurance solution which reflects the increasing digitalisation in the industry. This innovative solution incorporates a newly-designed IT financial loss coverage into the all-in-one smartProtect product, thereby providing comprehensive coverage for a wide array of liability risks. The inclusion of IT financial loss coverage protects the company from losses arising both out of commercial or administrative software use and increasingly out of the use of technical applications. The policy covers claims for damages in particular in the following cases:

  • Deletion of data / impairment of data structure
  • Loss of production / business interruption / lost profits
  • Viruses and other malware as well as hacking caused by software the insured developed and distributed or as a result of services the insured provided
  • Failed software installations
  • Software uninstalling or reinstalling
  • Data protection or IP / copyright violations


Professional, practice-based know-how

Proven expertise advising in and administrating litigation, settlement negotiations and mediation

Worldwide coverage with uniform standards

Custom implementation of international programmes

Insurance tailored to the insured

Various insurance solutions available to meet the insured's own specific needs

Sustained limitation of financial risks

Insurance policy covers numerous and substantial third-party claims

Claims administration

Expert support in the handling of large losses


HDI possesses longstanding claims handling experience in many countries, including countries with heightened liability risks such as the USA. Multilingual in-house liability specialists cooperate with locally-admitted lawyers in handling and administrating international large claims. In analysing and assessing such large claims, HDI works closely with a network of renowned experts. In the event of a claim, insureds therefore can rely on an international claims management system which has developed and proven successful over a span of several decades.

Liability risk management

A mix of various risk management tools Risk tools


Industry-specific risk tools and expert systems allow for a systematic risk analysis. Sustainable risk assessment is based on our continuous market observation, multifarious claims handling experience and decades of industry expertise.


Network of experts


In the event of especially complex risks, we rely on our in-house and external experts. Specialists with a view to finding practical solutions from nearly all scientific fields will assess your risk in close consultation with you.

Expert's Tip:

A new claim allowing for loss of companionship is covered Parliament recently passed a bill which will introduce a new claim allowing for loss of companionship. Under the new law, anyone evidencing a "special personal relationship" with a deceased may raise such a claim against the party responsible for the deceased's death. A legal assumption in favour of a "special personal relationship" exists where the claimant is a spouse, life companion, parent or child of the deceased. Although the law provides that the claimant is entitled to "reasonable compensation", it is uncertain specifically what amount will be deemed "reasonable". The courts will provide more clarity moving forward. According to HDI liability expert Marco Visser, however, one matter is certain: "HDI Global SE's insureds will be entitled to coverage for such claims for instance via their commercial general liability or legal protection policies." As such, no further steps need be taken.

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