Anti-discrimination - HDI’s EPLI Line insurance solution

With the harmonisation of legal systems within the European Union (EU), this risk is also increasing in Europe – in Germany for example as a result of the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG). The HDI EPLI Line (Employment Practices Liability Insurance) represents an comprehensive insurance solution for such eventualities.

Court judgements document different reasons for discrimination against employees. These include personal discrimination based on gender, age, skin colour or religion as well as promotion refusals, unjustified dismissal and sexual harassment in the workplace. Not only are the people involved called to account, but so too are employers, for example, on allegations of inactivity. HDI EPLI Line enables companies to insure against the risks of litigation. Potential claims for compensation and compensation for pain and suffering are also covered.

Scope of services at a glance


Insurance cover includes examination of liability and defence against unjustified claims for compensation as well as bearing of legal defence costs or set compensation.

  • Basically worldwide cover can be provided to insure against these risks or in relation to the AGG and the underlying EU Directives for continental European countries.
  • Insurance cover can be provided on German or English wordings.
  • Where legally permitted, worldwide insurance cover is provided from Germany.


Joint development of risk management system

HDI can help companies to establish risk management systems in collaboration with a global network of specialised law firms.

Professional, discreet claims handling

In the event of a claim, policyholders can rely on professional and discreet handling and processing of their case.

Solution for those with HR responsibility

Those with HR responsibility are provided with a meaningful insurance solution.

Global insurance cover

Insurance cover and benefits apply worldwide – where legally permitted – to employees of subsidiaries.