HDI Project Insurance – ensuring everything goes to plan

Companies have to shoulder a large number of risks, ranging from preparatory works on construction sites through to obtaining client acceptance following successful trial operations. An outbreak of fire, an explosion, faulty design and material defects can result in unexpected physical damages as can poor handling systems or operating errors. HDI project insurance enables these risks to be covered in a tightly focused approach.

Scope of services at a glance

Insurance cover includes any costs incurred as per agreed policy terms and conditions to restore damaged items to their condition prior to damage. Clean-up and recovery work can also be insured. All subcontractors involved in a project can be included in the cover, provided that what the values of works and/or services delivered are included in the sum insured. The policyholder substitutes uncertain risk-costs by taking out insurance protection at fixed costs.


Direct client support in the event of a claim

The policyholder can notify their regional contact in the event of a claim. Claims experts handle the investigation and settlement of claims.

Local requirements are met on a global level

Policyholders are also provided with local policies in other countries. Risk of failure to comply with statutory obligations, such as the payment of local insurance taxes are reduced by issuing local policies.

Extensive loss prevention support

Risk engineers from HDI Risk Consulting provide policyholders with consultancy-support during project design, planning, transportation and in particular construction/erection/commissioning/testing on-site.