Technical malfunctions, material defects and operating errors can result in damage that causes plant and machinery downtimes. On construction/erection sites, external factors like natural hazards or fire risks can exacerbate the risk exposure. HDI’s engineering insurance solutions enable these risks to be insured against. ‘All risks’ cover is provided against physical damage to property and consequential business interruption losses. Project cover factors in the extensive risks involved in major construction and plant engineering projects. Policyholders in all categories have access to risk engineers from HDI Risk Consulting (HRC). They provide support to clients in the form of early identification and avoidance of exposures.

Construction Projects

HDI construction ‘all risks’ (CAR) insurance is a comprehensive solution for building contractors and principals. ‘HDI BAUplus’, our special project policy, provides comprehensive cover for major construction projects.


Installation Projects

Major prefabricated construction and plant engineering projects are subject to tight scheduling. Damage events can put scheduling and deadlines at risk.


Technical Plant and Machinery

Machinery and technical plant and equipment are the centrepiece of any manufacturing business. HDI provides specific technical insurance solutions to insure against damage or malfunction-related stoppages.