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HDI Global SE appoints Claire McDonald as new UK and Ireland Managing Director

HDI has announced the appointment of Claire McDonald as Managing Director of its UK and Ireland operations. She will assume the role on 18 March 2019.

15 January 2019 | HDI Global SE appoints Claire McDonald as new UK and Ireland Managing Director (pdf)


Personnel changes in the management
of HDI Global SE / Swiss Branch

With immediate effect and by amicable and mutual agreement Hans Mazenauer, the long-serving Managing Director of HDI Global SE / Swiss Branch, is leaving the company at his own request in order to dedicate himself to new professional challenges.

21 December 2018 | Personnel changes in the management of HDI Global SE / Swiss Branch (pdf)


strategic partnership

Advocacy association for family-run companies DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER and HDI Global SE today announced the start of their strategic partnership. The association with its membership of some 6,000 and the industrial insurer want to generate mutual support for their networks and combine the expertise of both sides.

22 November 2018 | DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER and HDI form strategic partnership (pdf)

Press archive

20 August 2018 | HDI Global records further vigorous international growth in the first half of 2018 (pdf)
11 May 2018 | HDI Global and Hannover Re launch a joint growth initiative in specialty business (pdf)

7 May 2018 | Personnel change in the Management Board of HDI Global SE (pdf)

2 May 2018 | Complex supply chains entail risks for companies (pdf)

26 March 2018 | NatCat losses depress the result of HDI Global SE in the financial year 2017 (pdf)

27 February 2018 | New insurance solution gives travel organisers and travel agents an easy way of protecting customers’ money (pdf)

19 January 2018 | Clemens Jungsthöfel becomes new Chief Financial Officer of HDI Global SE

09 November 2017 | HDI protects automobile suppliers against the consequences of recall campaigns (pdf)

21 August 2017 | HDI Global SE posts further growth in first half of 2017 (PDF)

17 August, 2017 | HDI Launches Excess & Surplus Lines Carrier “HDI Specialty Insurance Company” (PDF)

12 July 2017 | HDI launches online portal for taking out drone insurance policies (PDF)

10 July 2017 | HDI takes role of lead insurer to support New Zealand's largest ever road transportation project (PDF)

27 June 2017 | HDI offers engineering companies liability cover for IT financial losses (PDF)

21 June 2017 | HDI Global SE opens its third Swiss office in Berne and develops business with mid-sized industrial customers (PDF)

3 May 2017, New AGRICULTURAL CONCEPT Special Policy from HDI offers agricultural machinery dealers broad coverage scope (PDF)

23 March 2017, HDI Global SE improves underwriting result (PDF)

02 March 2017, HDI insures the liability and financial risks of decision-makers with new product Financial Lines Compact (PDF)

19.12.2016 HDI provides railway companies with adjustment to new statutory insurance requirements (PDF)

08.12.2016 Evacuation protection insurance creates security for companies and their employees in operations outside Germany (PDF)

11.11.2016 HDI Global SE sells units in Norway to specialist insurer Skuld (PDF)

27.09.2016 Source of hazard from private electric appliances - Underestimated risks of fire in the workplace (PDF, 43 KB)

26.08.2016 HDI Global SE develops an insurance solution for injury and illness, for professional footballers and sports clubs (PDF, 37 KB)

02.06.2016 HDI expands Cyber insurance and offers new coverage concepts (PDF, 43 KB)

27.04.2016 Mercedes-Benz and HDI network their processes in motor claims management and strengthen their cooperation (PDF, 33 KB)

10.03.2016 HDI is developing insurance solutions for the deployment of drones (PDF, 231 KB)

11.01.2016 HDI Global SE: Talanx industrial lines insurer now operating under a new name (PDF, 31 KB)

17.09.2015 Talanx intensifies focus on profitable underwriting policy and foreign growth in industrial insurance (PDF, 38 KB)

24.03.2015 Industrial insurance subsidiary of Talanx strengthens international alignment by renaming the company HDI Global SE (PDF, 33 KB)

27.08.2014 More transparency in the fleet thanks to KControl (PDF, 27 KB)


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Executive Board Members

The management of the Industrial Lines divsion


Dr. Christian Hinsch, Chairman

born 1 August 1955
Chairman of HDI Global SE Executive Board, as well as Deputy Chairman of Talanx AG and HDI V.a.G., Hanover.

Printable image (JPG, 1.4 MB)

Curriculum vitae (PDF, 56 KB)

Frank Harting

born 19 May 1964
Member of the HDI Global SE Executive Board, responsible for the Division Mid-Market Germany, the Division Corporates Germany and Marketing Global.

Printable image (JPG, 1.34 MB)

Curriculum vitae (PDF, 59 KB)

Clemens Jungsthöfel

born 18 September 1970
Member of the HDI Global SE Executive Board, responsible for the Finance and Controlling functions.

Printable image (JPG, 1.9 MB)

Curriculum vitae (PDF, 58 KB)

Dr. Thomas Kuhnt

born 18 December 1974
Member of the HDI Global SE Executive Board, responsible for Projects and Operations, IT and Group Accident.

Printable image (JPG, 1,55 MB)

Curriculum vitae (PDF, 114 KB)

Dr. Edgar Puls

born 28 March 1973
Member of the HDI Global SE Executive Board, responsible for the Division Europe, the Property, Engineering, Marine and Multi-Risk divisions.

Printable image (JPG, 873 KB)

Curriculum vitae (PDF, 54 KB)

Dr. Stefan Sigulla

born 26 August 1957
Member of the HDI Global SE Executive Board, responsible for the Motor and Liability Divisions and Financial Lines.

Printable image (JPG, 1.6 MB)

Curriculum vitae (PDF, 63 KB)

Jens Wohlthat

born 22 September 1957
Member of the HDI Global SE Executive Board, responsible for the Global business segment.

Printable image (JPG, 1.0 MB)

Curriculum vitae (PDF, 59 KB)

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