You are also legally liable for a period of 10 years for defects affecting the solidity of the entire structure which is subject of the works, or an important part of it.

HDI creates customised insurances for all your needs. We can insure both small and major projects and can offer both basic and large insured limits for only one project or for a yearly based policy.

Scope of services at a glance

Professional Indemnity

Insurance against claims for pecuniary consequences of civil liability and professional liability. HDI handles validation of claims for damages and ensures that valid claims are settled.

HDI offers you an insurance solution protecting your company and your assets against claims for bodily injury, property damage and financial loss.

We ensure that our insurance solution is in line with the requirements imposed by the specifications of the principal.


Professional, real-world know-how

HDI has acknowledged expertise in providing guidance for and managing liability claims, settlement discussions and mediation processes.

High level of capacity

HDI has sufficient cover capacity at its disposal to provide insurance for major projects.

Claims management

Expert assistance in the event of major claims

HDI has many years of claims adjusting and settlement experience, including in highly litigious environments. Major international claims are managed and settled by multilingual in-house liability experts in collaboration with local licensed lawyers. HDI partners with a network of experts to analyse and evaluate such claims. In the event of a claim, policyholders can rely on our proven single-source international claims management system.

Liability risk management

The mix of various instruments

When necessary or if needed by our clients, HDI’s risk specialists can provide a cross-industry risk engineering service to help clients identify, quantify and where necessary take risk-reduction and risk-avoidance actions. Construction project advice and support is provided in line with the relevant safety and security related requirements through local inspections and central co-ordination.


Insurance cover worldwide (except Law Spinetta in France)

HDI can cover architects all over the world.

Project and annual policies

We are underwriting both annual and project policies. We can offer substantial insured limits.