Engineering & Construction – cover for machinery, plant and equipment, installation and construction projects

Scope of services at a glance

During construction / installation / operation Civil Structures / Buildings as well as Machinery are exposed to a variety of perils, such as internal (e. g.: breakdown, faulty workmanship/material/design, human error negligence…) or external (e. g: fire, natural hazards, ...) ones. Physical damage caused by these perils followed by a downtime of works/operation can cause considerable financial consequences for companies and plant operators.

HDI offers a broad range of Engineering and Construction Insurance-products from standard policies to bespoke solutions incl. manuscript wordings. For projects OCIP (Owner controlled insurance programs) and CCIP (Contractor controlled insurance programs) are at our client’s disposal covering interests of various insured parties according to the needs for the specific project and / or local requirements.

HDI reimburses all the agreed costs incurred to restore structures, machinery to its status prior to damage. Additionally ALoP/DSU (Advanced Loss of Profit / Delayed Start Up) or BI (Business Interruption) insurance offer protection for consequential financial loss of profits; ICoW (Increased cost of working) is an integral part of any ALoP/DSU/BI cover.

HDI products’ proposition embraces construction/engineering policies protecting all industries’ projects controlled by either Investor or Contractor as well as policies during the operational phase for Operators’ assets, e.g.:

For e.g.:

    • Manufacturing Industry (all types of industries)
    • Natural Ressources incl. Petrochemical, Onshore Oil and Gas, Mining projects
    • Renewable (on and off-shore), fossil, nuclear Energy Power,
    • Civil and infrastructure projects (including: commercial, residential buildings/facilities, civil works, underground risks, wet risks,…)
    • Public/Private Partnerships financing local infrastructure projects, PFI, PPP and alike
    • ALoP (Advanced Loss of Profit) respectively DSU (Delay in Start Up), which complements the above and protects against the consequencial financial damage.

For major owners of contractors active within thecountry and world-wide

    • on declaration/ risks attaching basis
    • on turnover/investment basis

For e.g.:

    • Contractors Plant and Machinery
    • Machinery / Electronic Breakdown
    • Renewable energy (e.g.: Wind, PV, Water)
    • Civil infrastructure risks (Road, Bridges, Tunnels)
    • ….
    • BI/ IcoW - Business Interruption / Increased Cost of Working

As an integral part of our service Policyholders in all categories have access to risk-engineers from HDI Risk Consulting. They provide support to clients by the way of evaluation , early identification and assessment of relevant pre/past-risk scenarios. They accompany the clients from the early design stage throughout the construction/erection phase and the operational lifetime of the risk.


Customer-focused technical support

Engineers with many years of professional experience in the industry work for HDI as underwriters, claims-engineers and risk-engineers and provide support to clients on the full range of technical insurances.

High level of capacity

HDI has sufficient capacity at its disposal to provide insurance cover for major projects.

Insurance cover worldwide

Our world-wide network enables us to serve our clients in their home country as well as providing insurance policies almost world-wide.

Access to professional claims management service

HDI provides claims management services based on experience, ranging from minimising and repair of damage to a reliable claims settlement.

Risk Consulting

Skilled risk advice and support

HDI Risk Consulting provides a cross-industry risk engineering service to help clients identify and quantify risks. Where necessary they can take risk-reduction and risk-avoidance actions. Risk engineers assess technical risks, which can result from the condition and operation of machinery, and plant and equipment. Construction project advice and support is provided in line with the relevant safety and security related requirements through local inspections and central co-ordination. 

Experts’ tip

Drafting emergency action plans

In the event of extreme weather conditions or an outbreak of fire, an emergency action plan facilitates taking prompt and effective damage-limitation action, thereby reducing the extent of damage or loss. Our experts can provide assistance. Our experts can provide assistance.