Decennial Insurance
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What is obligatory decennial liability and why do I need it?



Following Art. 1792 and 2270 of the Belgian Law all parties participating at the construction of building have a decennial liability.

Where a building permit is obtained after the 1st of July, 2018, an insurance cover is mandatory by the law of 31 may 2017, for constructions and renovations of private dwellings.

The architect has legal duty to check if the insurance cover is in place.




HDI Global SE provides an insurance solution which covers all involved building partners, in one policy, in accordance with the stipulations of law.

The HDI policy includes all project partners, including those that may be unknown at the time of contract. Contractors will benefit from a fixed ten-year coverage starting at the acceptance date of the project.

Our online tool provides you with an easy option to calculate the policy rate of your insurance. The policy is customizable, digitally realizable and immediately available after payment of the premium.


Who is covered?

All building partners involved in the design and/or construction of the building bearing a decennial liability according to law, are insured under the policy.

Following the policy conditions, the beneficiary of the policy will be the actual and/or future owner of the building. 


Who is the policy holder?

Any party involved in the project, e.g. architect, contractor, engineer or any other service provider, can write the decennial liability policy. And Even the principal as beneficiary of the policy.

Architects have the duty to check that any party that is involved in the project, is insured. Otherwise they are not allowed to participate in the construction works.



What is covered?

The policy provides coverage concerning the mandatory insurance of the decennial Liability, in accordance with the stipulation of Belgian Law of May 31st, 2017, summarized:

• The policy covers residential projects (single-family houses or  apartment building)
• Coverage for the decennial liability (cfr. art. 1792 and 2270 C.C) of all building partners
• Coverage during 10 years starting at the date of acceptance of the works
• In so far it concerns the solidity, stability of structural works including the building envelop and the water tightness in so far it influences the stability or solidity.

Cover is given for material and immaterial damage in accordance with the applicable law and limited at the reconstruction value of the insured house with a maximum of 500.000 EUR.


What is excluded?

Coverage is given in accordance with the law and only the exclusions allowed by the legislation are foreseen.

What to do about the professional Liability policy?


For years the architect has the legal duty to insure his professional liability.
The nomothetic will amplify this obligation to other servicing providers such as engineers,
safety coordinators and others.

This new regulation can be expected in the course of 2018.

HDI Global will equally offer a liability policy for professional building partners,
compliant to this new regulation. 



Why choose HDI Global?


Reliable Insurer

You are choosing a reliable insurance underwriter with many years of experience with building projects and partners.



Loss adjustments

We guarantee a smooth loss adjustment. Unnecessary delaying factors are eliminated because all building partners are insured within the same policy.



As all parties are insured in one policy, there won’t be any recourse actions against insured parties.



Easy policy handling

Your offer will be available online within a few clicks. We require only the most important administrative information in order to submit a binding offer.


10-years of coverage

Coverage is granted for a 10-year period after acceptance of the works. Even in case of bankruptcy or disappearance of one of the insured partners.

A smooth start

The insurance certificate is immediately available online after payment of the premium and will automatically be sent to the architect and the policy holder.