The added value that HDI offers, is appreciated by a large and still increasing number of medium-sized companies. While HDI Compact already provides a broad range of answers to the possible insurance questions these companies may face, our types of policies still have the flexibility to be adapted according to the specific issues an insured may encounter. HDI Compact is a package policy consisting of a Property and a Liability Coverage for local enterprises.

Scope of services at a glance

As risk information in the SME market segment is not easy to come by, HDI has created an insurance solution for its partner brokers based on easily accessible an gatherable information.

We target companies with an annual turnover of minimum 1.000.000 EUR and with a property damage capital exceeding the special risks limit.

In case of straight forward risks, HDI Compact can deliver offers upon disclosure of basic information, like annual turnover, present risk prevention measures, claims history, etc., rather than based on elaborate questionnaires.

The HDI Compact conditions deliver an insurance base which is broader than what is actually considered common in the market.


Insurance coverage

Broad general insurance coverage

High insurance capacities


  • PD: 15.000.000 EUR
  • PD/BI Combined: 25.000.000 EUR



  • Insured sums in General Liability up to 10.000.000 EUR with few sub-limitations

Optional coverages

Broad range of optional coverages, i.e. Theft, All risk Electronics, Machinery breakdown, Recall, Dismantling and reinstallation costs,…

Short lead times

Short lead times from offer request to actual offer, policy, endorsement through highly performant production platform

Digital formats

All documents, offers, policies as well as general conditions are delivered in a digital format.

Claims Management

Experienced claims handlers, based in the local HDI office, work in close collaboration with reputable experts worldwide to ensure swift and correct claims adjustment regardless of where the loss has occurred.

Risk Management

Although basic information may suffice for receiving an HDI Compact offer, this doesn’t mean we are not able to support our clients when it comes to their risk management needs.

HDI has a dedicated team of Risk Engineers for this market segment at the disposal of our clients.

With a keen eye for the specific problems insureds may face in this market segment and equipped with a specifically designed risk engineering tool, fast and responsive risk inspections can be organized at convenience.

Experts’ Tip

Broad coverage in one single contract

In one single contract, our clients are able to subscribe to a multitude of coverages from one single source and thus narrowing the possibility for gaps in the insurance.

Going through the HDI Compact coverages creates awareness on possible risks a company may face.