Scope of services at a glance

Companies can take out this insurance cover. Flexibility in setting insurance sums and levels of benefits enables employers to adjust accident insurance cover to the necessities of the different functions of the employees to the insured. Their names do not have to be stated, meaning that new employees are immediately covered, even without notice.

  • This insurance cover applies worldwide, around the clock and to every measurable degree of disability.
  • Insurance cover includes permanent impairment of physical and/or mental faculties, depending on the degree of disability determined by a doctor, a coverage in the event of accident-related death as well as a lifelong accident pension starting from a certain degree of disability. The scope of benefits includes a daily hospital allowance with improved convalescence allowance, a daily allowance that is also provided even if the impairment in the ability to work is only temporary, a temporary allowance as well as further cost absorption, e.g. for cosmetic surgery and rescue by emergency medical services.


Worldwide cover, 24/7

If required, the insurance cover can be integrated into an international insurance program

Global network of specialists

As a long-standing group accident specialist, HDI is able to access a global network of local medical experts, doctors and specialists.

Low administrative input

Administrative input for policy holders is kept to a minimum

Added value for employees

Companies make a contribution to employee welfare that goes beyond their statutory duty of care and provide an important benefit to their employees in times of increasing skills shortages.

Experts’ Tip

Focus on rapid integration
We provide an innovative, tailor made insurance coverage with unique benefits and a focus on reintegration into employment of the affected persons as soon as possible. Unique products for artists, events or sports insurance are common practice.