Compliance: good, sustainable relationships based on partnership

Not only the quality of our products and services determines whether our business is successful, so does legally correct and responsible conduct by our employees towards one another, towards business partners and in public. This is the only way to create trust, which is a competitive factor in our industry that must not be underestimated.


Code of Conduct for employees

This enables us to set standards of responsible and ethical conduct at all levels of the Group. Each employee in the Group must ensure that their actions comply with these guidelines and with the valid laws, guidelines and instructions that apply to the work they do.

Training events and programs

We offer employees the opportunity to refresh, expand and enhance their knowledge of selected compliance-relevant issues.

Whistleblower system (BKMS® whistleblower system)

The system enables particularly serious legal violations to be reported anonymously. Once violations are reported, our Compliance team takes action to contain any damage and avoid further damage.

Conflict of Intrests

Please find hereby the link to our Conflict of Intrests policy.


Please find hereby the link to our Privacy policy.

Inducements Policy

Please find hereby the link to our Inducements Policy.