Proactive risk management: limiting in-company damage and loss events

Applying HDI Risk Consulting principles and loss prevention strategies to existing facilities, as well to major construction projects, services motor and heavy goods transportation can reduce the likelihood of loss, the extent of damage resulting from the loss and the size of the ensuring business interruption. HDI groups these distinct business lines under the banner of HDI Risk Consulting.

Scope of services at a glance

HDI Risk Consulting

HDI Risk Consulting provides clients worldwide access to more than 180 engineers and specialists in fire and explosion protection, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, construction, mechanical engineering and other industrial disciplines. Based on their specific business requirements, clients are assisted in identifying and quantifying risks and in implementing cost effective loss prevention and loss mitigation solutions. A brief overview of our service capability is given below.

  • Location based risk surveys with identifying potential for risk improvement and developing strategic plans for continuous risk improvement
  • Location and portfolio based analyses of natural catastrophe exposure (NatCat)
  • Performance of risk and business interruption analyses
  • Consulting on projects and risk improvement measures
  • Engaging highly qualified account engineers
  • Jointly develop individual safety standards together with the client
  • Developing of client specific benchmark systems
  • Implementation of HDI’s account management tool GREEN at the client
  • Training to improve operational safety and security standards
  • Exchange loss experience from the industry
  • Assisting in development of emergency action plans to minimise the consequences following loss events
  • Performing loss estimates
  • On-site support for installation and construction projects
  • Risk inspections of technical plants and systems conventional and renewable power generation in particular
  • Risk dialogue based on our expert knowledge and experience as an industrial insurer
  • Performance of non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Real-time monitoring of shipments worldwide using our global Risk Consulting team
  • Development and implementation of safety and security related strategies to ensure damage-free shipment and handling
  • Training in a range of logistics related disciplines, including packaging technology and load securement Assistance with the organisation of multimodal shipments, e.g. route surveys
  • Assistance with cold-chain risks, specifically where pharmaceuticals are involved (GDP)
  • Enhancement of warehousing, and review of shipping conditions for automotive logistics
  • Analysis of natural catastrophe exposures (NatCat) for global supply chains and development of strategies to ensure their robustness


Worldwide risk analysis and loss prevention support provided by a global network with a presence in 21 countries

Based on sound risk analysis, risk engineers assist worldwide with the implementation of risk mitigation and loss prevention strategies.

NatCat, business interruption, burglary/theft support

Our risk engineers worldwide can conduct location-specific natural analysis hazards as well as analysis of burglary/theft, business interruption and other location or client-specific exposures as requested for all lines of business (property, marine, engineering).

Safety and security takes priority

Specialist analysis development of specific protection strategies and provision of professional property protection advice following loss events.

Production process and supply chains vulnerability analysis

Analysis of business interruption and supply chains exposures. Development of business continuity strategy via a combination of mitigation measures and risk transferral.

Construction planning support

Project-planning, co-ordination and liaison assistance with regulatory authorities for both new construction and building extension projects.

Early identification of technical malfunctions

Risk engineers conduct status test, e.g. on machinery and technical systems, in order to identify possible malfunctions in time and prevent loss events.

Experts’ tip

Up-to-date overviews at any time with the aid of GREEN

Our web-based account management platform GREEN (Global Risk Engineering Extranet) provides clients’ risk manager with up-to-date and consistent risk information of all of their locations.

Further information about GREEN