HDI Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance to insure against liability risks during the normal course of business

HDI Global recognises the needs of directors to have the best cover and the best claims handling services. We produce tailored insurance products that provide the cover that directors seek and need, listening to clients and their brokers to ensure we create the cover that is required at an affordable and competitive price. We recognise that the director does not need to be actually at fault for an allegation to be made against them and that defence costs need to be incurred if they are to clear their name and reputation.

Target Business

At HDI Global, we recognise that no two clients are the same and that different industries represent different risks. We aim to partner with small to large, public and private companies that are well run, committed to risk management and have a strong record of corporate governance and compliance.

We do not write insurance for Financial Institutions.

Scope of services at a glance

Our product capabilities include:

  • Primary
  • Excess
  • Co-insurance
  • “Bridgecorp” solutions
  • Manuscript Wordings
  • Side A DIC DIL
  • Specific stand-alone product for directors to own whose parent company is overseas
  • Individual D&O product

Our underwriting capabilities:

  • Capacity of $20 million
  • Side A, B and C cover
  • Primary, Excess – Either 100% or Co-insurance
  • Lead or Follow
  • Cross Selling - we work closely with our other product lines to offer clients multi-product insurance solutions
  • Global policies


Territories Written

From our Australian offices, we write cover for companies incorporated in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. Our products provide worldwide coverage.

Claims Service

Our claims department works in conjunction with our Underwriters to provide a quick and efficient claims handling service. With significant levels of claims authority, our highly experienced adjusters and our external experts work together to protect our clients’ interests.

Underwriting Service

We are one of the fastest providers of terms in the Market. And we have one of the most flexible approaches. You can discuss a risk and we will listen with a positive can-do attitude. Our underwriters are exactly that, not computer systems.

Policy Document Service

We are often able to issue policy documentation within 24 hours of receiving news that we have bound an account. We are one of the fastest providers of policy documentation in the Market, important when such documentation is performance trigger in a broker / client relationship.

Client Relationships

At HDI Global, we meet with our clients and their brokers on a regular basis to gain greater insight into their business exposures, coverage requirements and the industry in which they operate. Through this, we believe that our clients will receive an even better quality of product, service and claims handling experience.

Lateral Thinking

We like to think differently. We have produced D&O solutions for clients whose previous insurers walked away from them, or reduced the capacity they were willing to offer.

We like to find answers to the problematic risks. We don’t follow the crowd.

We don’t try to write for market share  but profit, and this is one of the reasons we have been one of the few insurers to consistently maintain their capacity, pricing and underwriting philosophy , a consistency that is rarely now seen in the Market.